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Austin Love vs. Dave Chudowsky: See who won the Winter Game Showdown in our battle to raise money for charity

Austin competed to raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation while Dave was playing for GiGi's Playhouse of Cleveland.

CLEVELAND — With the 2022 Beijing Olympics underway, we thought it'd be fun to have a battle of our own while raising money for charity in the process.

Welcome to the Winter Game Showdown, which featured Austin Love vs. Dave Chudowsky. It was a three-day battle as Austin and Dave faced off in the following winter events (watch each competition below):

  • Curling: Dave is declared the winner of this round, which aired on Wednesday morning!
  • Hockey shoot out: Austin wins this round, which aired on Thursday morning.
  • Speed skating: Austin wins again, making him the champion of our Winter Game Showdown.




Initially, the winner of each round was awarded with $200 toward the charity of their choice from Austin Calvetta of the Calvetta Brothers Floor Show. But as the competition wrapped up Friday, Calvetta had a special surprise.

“They both did such a good job," he told 3News. "We’re actually going to up the ante a little bit and we’re going to donate $1,000 to both sides.”

But we're hoping to raise even more money. You can join the effort by donating to the charities below...

  • Austin Love: Competing for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation -- DONATE HERE
  • Dave Chudowsky: Competing for GiGi's Playhouse of Cleveland -- DONATE HERE

Here's why Austin and Dave each chose these specific charities.

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Congratulations to both competitors!


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