As we close in on the Winter Olympics, spots remain on the line for Team USA.

And right now eyes are on Long Track Speed Skating – as trials take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin beginning, Tuesday.

For a local skater ,the quest for gold started right here in northeast Ohio – in Lakewood.

The journey of making an Olympic Team has many twists and turns,just ask Erin Bartlet.

Growing up in Lakewood,s he laced up figure skates at the age of five at Winterhurst but her dad, Jeff, convinced her to try speed skating -- turns out it was a good idea.

"My dad just really pushed me. He knew it was good for my future, when I was 12 and 13 I started weight lifting, I was really developing, I could beat girls I couldn't beat before. I realized I was on the right track," said Erin.

Erin strictly competed in Short Track – but after 16 years – it was time for something new. It was time to make the switch to Long Track.

The 27-year old trains with the U.S. Speed Skating Team in Utah – where she's spent the last six years perfecting her craft. The sport is very technical – it has to be when you're racing on a sheet of ice with 17-inch blades strapped to your feet.

With all of the countless hours spent training – Erin uses family as her biggest motivation.

"You have a family who believes in you sometimes more than I believe in myself, so I have to put that in check and realize I'm good at what I do. My family is definitely there is support me especially in my moments of doubt."

Erin loves calling Cleveland home – she brags about it to her friend and she keeps tabs on what's happening back here.

To wear 'U-S-A' on her uniform at the Olympics -- while representing northeast Ohio is something that gives her chills.

"It's another motivator, I want to make CLE proud, I'm proud to be from here. I want to contribute to the coolness of the city, if someone wants to watch me skate in an Olympics it's amazing."

There's no doubt Cleveland is proud of Erin Bartlett.

Now it's time to watch her reach the final destination on this journey to the Winter Olympics – a spot on Team U-S-A in PyeongChang, South Korea.