We are one year away from the world gathering in Tokyo, Japan for the Summer Olympics. It's the second time this cutting edge city will play host. 

The first was in 1964. In those times, the United States dominated the medal count. But the world has caught up and passed us in some sports. 

Looking ahead at swimming, I'm not kidding when I say Michael Phelps is not competing this time around. I know, he can and has changed his mind before. Leave his lane open for someone else. I mean after 23 gold medals, 28 total, is there any doubt that he's the greatest?

So who's next? Let's go to Katie Ledecky also of the U.S. Shy out of the pool, but totally focused in the water. She's the best. Name a world record, she's got it and is the odds-on favorite to be the star of the Tokyo games. 

Meanwhile, there's uncertainty surrounding USA Gymnastics. Last time around in Rio, they were the best in the world. Inside was a dirty little secret that has been exposed since then, Larry Nassar's abuse of members of the team. One thing we do know is that Simone Biles is still there and no one in th world comes close to her power and grace. 

We'll miss the charisma and character that is Usain Bolt. Truly the fastest man in the world. Watch out next year for Noah Lyles of the U.S., he's only 21-years old and could be in the medal discussion.

There are five new sports on the program for next year:

  • Baseball and softball are back. The USA women are happy about that, and remember the Japanese love baseball. 
  • Karate
  • Skateboarding--who knows, maybe Shaun White could compete. Remember, before he was the flying tomato on a snowboard, he was a skateboarder
  • Sports Climbing
  • Surfing

The Tokyo Olympics are a year away. In Rio, the United States won 121 total medals. Can they do it again? 

We can't wait to see.