As a self-proclaimed "wide-eyed and bushy tailed" 18-year-old, figure skater Jason Brown helped lead Team USA to a bronze medal in Sochi.

Now four years later he hopes to bring his unique style (and signature ponytail) back to the Olympic stage.

Jason tends to do things a little differently than his competitors.

Three-time US figure skating champion Johnny Weir recently said that the reason so many people love Jason Brown is that he has fun, "no matter where he is or what he's wearing."

And while many figure skaters focus on the technical side, Brown tries to push himself even more on the artistic side. "I'm just giving it all to not let anyone forget that artistry is a huge part of the sport," Brown explains.

In addition to figure skating, he also grew up performing in musical theater. So the song he's picked this year should come as no surprise because it's from Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit Broadway show, Hamilton.

"Even when I start my program, I get chills. I get to perform Hamilton. This is happening."

The song choice is even inspiring how he approaches his own skating career.

"It's such a huge part of history as well as Lin-Manuel is a genius, and what he does and how he brings a bigger group into theater, is what I want to do, bring a bigger group of audience into skating," Brown described.

"If I can touch someone's life in any way, or make them feel something, whether its joy, sadness, excitement, get goosebumps! That's my goal."

Brown's ponytail will fit right in as Lin-Manuel Miranda rocked the same hairdo for his Hamilton role. But Jason admits PyeongChang may be his ponytail's final appearance.

"Now I'm 22 and I'm ready for a change. But obviously, I had to go out with at least a program that was deserving of the pony tail. Ok Hamilton, ponytail - it fits so well!"