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Simone Biles posts new training video to explain why she dropped out

Biles also sent a message to the "know it alls" about why she said an alternate could not have taken her place in the team competition.

Simone Biles posted new training videos on Instagram Thursday in an effort to explain why she made the decision to drop out of the Olympic gymnastics team competition and individual all-around this week. And she wasn't afraid to make a statement to those she called "know it alls" commenting on her decision.

"For anyone saying I quit, I didn't quit," a caption read over video of her practicing a dismount from the uneven bars. That's the apparatus she would have performed next had she not withdrawn. "My mind & body are simply not in sync, as you can see here."

The videos have since been deleted, but her answers to several questions sent in from her Instagram followers remain, including elaborating further on the "twisties." 

The first video showed Biles flipping and twisting before landing on her back on a soft pad. She notes that she's supposed to do another 1 1/2 twists on the dismount.

"I don't think you realize how dangerous this is on a hard/competition surface. Nor do I have to explain why I put health first. Physical health is mental health."

In a second video, she did another dismount but said she still was a 1/2 twist short.

Then, Biles said that the issue she was having, which she's described as not being in the right "headspace," started after she arrived in Tokyo.

"It randomly started happening after prelims competition the VERY next morning. By that time, NO, an alternate was not allowed to be placed in my position for you 'know it alls.'"

Biles explained that she still has the "twisties," a frightening phenomenon for gymnasts that means one's rhythm is off and the athlete's mind won't allow them to complete a trick.

"Sometimes I can't even fathom twisting. I seriously cannot comprehend how to twist...strangest & weirdest thing as well as feeling," Biles described. When asked how long it's taken in the past for her to recover, the 24-year-old said it varies but has typically been 2 or more weeks when she's had them before. 

Biles added that there is a reason there are four members on a team. The rules state that only three gymnasts need to perform each apparatus.

In the team competition, only three gymnasts are required to perform on each apparatus. Biles performed one vault and did not complete it as planned before she decided to step out of the competition. But had she decided to withdraw before the competition even started, the U.S. would not have been penalized because one of her teammates could have gone in her place on that apparatus.

"I chose not to continue team competition in jeopardizing losing a medal (of any color) for the girls / US. Also for my own safety and health."

The U.S., with Suni Lee, Grace McCallum and Jordan Chiles, finished with silver while the gymnasts from Russia took the gold.

Biles was also expected to win the all-around before dropping out, giving Jade Carey her spot instead. Lee won the title on Thursday. It's not clear if Biles will compete in the individual apparatus finals, which happen Sunday - Tuesday.

Although Biles has received criticism from some over her decision to drop out, she's also received a heaping of praise and support -- in part for helping expose the mental struggle Olympic athletes face in addition to the physical. 

Biles’ sponsors, including Athleta and Visa, are lauding her decision to put her mental health first and withdraw from the gymnastics team competition during the Olympics.

In response to an Instagram follower's question about her post-Olympics Gold Over America Tour, Biles said she'll be fine and there will be "no more twisting for me on tour," but "unfortunately in my Olympic routines I do a ton of twists on each event." 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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