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Fishing the Fall Brawl 2018: Outdoors with Big Daddy

Lake Erie is an amazing fishery and has the best walleye fishing.

It’s all over but the fishing.

Starting at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, it’s lines in for the best Lake Erie walleye fishing event ever created: The Lake Erie Fall Brawl.

I’m happy to say I’ve fished every one of them since the beginning, and as it's grown bigger, it’s kept the “fun” aspects of competitive fishing.

One big fish is all you need, caught from the Ohio waters of Lake Erie. You can use your boat, hire a charter, or even cast from shore.

In fall, the fish move in close to shore chasing bait, and the opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime becomes a reality. Over 6,200 men, women, and children from Ohio and many other states will descend on Ohio’s North Shore to go after “The One."

There’s just something about fishing competitively. You’re not only matching wits with the fish, you’re going up against other anglers as well. It can be very exciting, very nerve racking, very frustrating, but if you hook into a big fish, there’s no better feeling.

The best I’ve ever done in this format of tournament is fifth place. It’s so much more to fishing than luck. That does play a part, but it’s not everything. Lure type, location, speed of troll or retrieve, depth of water, water temperature, style and color of lure, weather, wind direction… They all play a factor.

I’ll be sharing what works, what doesn’t work, and my experiences fishing the “Brawl” here in these write ups. But please understand, this is a competitive event, so if I get invites from other competitors to fish, I won’t be giving out detailed information about anything. Those confidences are sacred with the folks I fish with.

Lake Erie is an amazing fishery and has the best walleye fishing. The Lake Erie Fall Brawl is a great way to showcase what it has to offer. To my fellow competitors who are fishing the event, I wish you all the best of luck fishing and please, stay safe out there.

If anyone has an open seat some evening, let me know. I’ll post what happens here and make you famous. Now, I need to put new line on my casting rods. Can’t hook the fish sitting on the couch.