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'Rent The Chicken': Lodi farm's service growing in Northeast Ohio

Earth Song Farm is a 'Rent The Chicken' affiliate, providing hens, coops, and feed to backyard farmers.
Credit: Carl Bachtel, 3News

LODI, Ohio — Stephen Andrews loves chickens. You'll see and hear them wandering his Medina County farm, along with goats and a few ducks.

"Chickens are the gateway animal to farm life", Andrews says while gently cuddling a 4-month old-pullett. He then whispers to the bird, "What do you think about that?"

Chickens are a big part of Earth Song Farm and Discovery Park, which Andrews owns along with wife Cindy. One day, a client "laid" a suggestion on him.

"Have you ever heard of 'Rent The Chicken'? Andrews recalled being asked. "I said, 'What?!'" 

After researching and incubating on it, Andrews became a landlord with "Rent The Chicken." They're based just outside Pittsburgh, and farmer Stephen thought it was a perfect fit.

"Signed up immediately," he said. "I thought [it was] a great way for families to learn where there food is coming from."

That education fits right in with Earth Song's mission of nature and outdoor education. They provide the coop, the food, and either two or four laying hens along with chicken care literature. Rates start at just over $500 for the season, which runs from April to late fall when the temperatures drop.

The hens will help out with breakfast, too.

"You're going to have an egg the very first week," Andrews noted, "and many of them from that point on." 

In the fall, Andrews comes and picks up the coop and chickens, leaving you and your family with farm fresh eggs and a nest full of memories. Still, even with the price of eggs skyrocketing, Andrews admits this approach won't really aid your budget.

"It's not a big money saver, I'll be honest about that," he said, "but the experience is worth every bit of it."

Chickens are very self-sufficient creatures, and those who rent them often fall in love with them, and that's no "yoke."


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