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What types of foods should we be giving birds during the winter?

When the weather goes bad, birds struggle, but we can help.

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio — Some say that Ohio winters are for the birds, and they're right!

When the weather goes bad, birds struggle, but we can help.

"It's very cool, and it's very easy," Ben Ihde says of the practice of birdfeeding.

Ihde co-owns Wild Birds Unlimited in Cuyahoga Falls. The vast variety of feeders and foods may be enough to drive you nuts, so just keep it simple.

For beginners, the hopper is usually the way to go.

"What's great about the hopper feeder is you can put a lot of seed in at one time," Ihde explained.

They'll attract a variety of birds. To bring in specific breeds like woodpeckers, go with fatty foods.

When it comes to other types of birds, tail prop feeders "are primarily for suets." For finches and chickadees, go tubular, dude!

"I recommend a mix of nyjer seed and sunflower mix," Ihde added.

And for bluebirds that stay the winter, bust out the meal worms!!!

"Everybody loves worms!" Ihde assures.

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Winter bird food should be high in fat and protein. It really helps them and, in turn, helps us.

"They interact with each other," Ihde said. "They have different mannerisms, they fly differently, act differently: It's literally entertainment, and all you have to do is put some seeds outside."

It helps the birds and will bring a smile, something we all need.


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