You see them in the air and water. Wild ducks and geese love local parks with water features. Especially where there's open water.

A lot of people like to feed the ducks at their local parks. If you do, steer clear of bread. White bread is bad news for ducks and geese.

"Bread for them, is kind of like a human eating junk food. If we were to eat candy bars every day, we would have a problem," says Summit Metroparks naturalist Elizabeth Kresse.

Many park districts have "no bread" policies in place. At Water Works Park in Cuyahoga Falls, signs are posted explaining why.

But old habits tend to die hard. Bread bags in the trash are evidence of that.

Chris Stranahan is with Wild Birds Unlimited. They are a great resource on properly feeding wildlife, including ducks and geese.

"You can feed whole corn, cracked corn," Stranahan explains. "We have some products that have corn and peanuts and sunflower in with them, it's a wildlife blend."

But beware, geese can be aggressive.

"All of a sudden, that goose that looks cute from afar when you're throwing it bread, comes at you seeking food. That's never a good interaction," says Stranahan.

I'll stick to chickadees.

For more information on wildlife feeding regulations, contact your local park district or Wild Birds Unlimited.

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