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Answering the unanswered questions from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah: 3 Things to Know with Stephanie Haney podcast

Royally Obsessed podcast co-host Rachel Bowie and 3News' Royals enthusiast Romney Smith share their perspectives on what's still up in the air with Stephanie

CLEVELAND — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey on March 7 was shocking and revealing, but it also left a lot of unanswered questions.

Royals enthusiasts like 3News' Romney Smith and Royally Obsessed podcast co-host Rachel Bowie have been left wondering all sorts of things, like why did Prince Charles stop taking Harry’s calls, who knew what about Meghan’s mental health struggles, and who had the nerve to ask that question about Baby Archie’s skin color.

On this week's 3 Things to Know with Stephanie Haney podcast, Rachel and Romney join me to dive into those very topics, and more, including whether Princess Diana saw a falling out between her youngest son and the Monarchy coming, and if that’s why she left both of her prince sons quite a bit of money.

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When discussing whether Princess Diana knew Prince Harry would end up in a rift with his fellow Royals, Rachel and Romney had differing opinions.

Rachel found it difficult to believe that Princess Di could forecase what was to come.

"Harry was so young and William, too, but I feel like she definitely knew that the Monarchy was pretty messed up and she had wanted out, and you know we’ve heard stories that before her death she was thinking of moving to America as well," Rachel tells me on the podcast.

For Romney, though, the inheritance Princess Diana left her sons speaks volumes.

"As grown men now, these princes have access to so much money and so many resources," Romney says. "The money that she set aside wasn’t about. 'Oh, in case the Monarchy collapses I want to give you a little something-something to buy a house.' that really wasn’t it. It was, 'I’ve been through Hell and if you guys go through anything, I don’t wish it upon you, but if anything were to happen similar or worse than me, I want there to be a safety net.'"

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