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Here's what it would take for The Bachelorette's Michael Allio to agree to be the next Bachelor

Michael hasn't ruled it out but explains how it would be a very different season with him as the lead, on the 3 Things to Know with Stephanie Haney podcast

AKRON, Ohio — Bachelor Nation, including The Bachelorette Katie Thurston, is calling for Akron's Michael Allio to be the next Bachelor. But would he do it? 

Michael hasn't ruled it out but he shares what his requirements would be if he does get the offer (which The Bachelorette alum Blake Horstmann tells 3News he thinks is coming), on the 3 Things to Know with Stephanie Haney podcast.

'I think my season would be very different, and I'm not sure what that even looks like, but you know if it was this season or next season or whatever, James would have to be with me,' Michael tells Stephanie, revealing his obvious deal breaker since he left a chance at a relationship with Katie because he felt he had already spent too much time away from his 4-year-old son. 

'I would have to have cast that are actually willing to jump into this role.'

The casting question is an interesting one, since The Bachelor franchise has put out a casting notice calling for 'Bachelorettes, single moms, and divorcees.' The very specific notice is something a lot of people think is telling that Michael is in serious consideration to be the next Bachelor.

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'I did see that. I think that’s a great idea,' Michael tells Stephanie, when she asks him what he makes of the move from show producers. 'I mean they’re more than deserving of love, too.'

He adds: 'A lot of people were sending it to me, like, "Oh, my God, you’re the Bachelor!" and I'm like, "No, I’m really not." I mean maybe maybe some of that is is anticipation for a question that they’ll ask me about it, I don’t know.'

If they do ask him, and he does agree, Michael wants to keep things more calm.

'I would ideally like to stay away from any sort of theatrics when possible and kind of focusing on that, but I know sometimes people bring it on themselves and other times it’s entertainment,' he says of what a show centered around his dating journey would be like. 

'There’s so many different elements and tones that I would need reassurance on before I even consider it.'

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While he has ideas about what he would need to make it happen, it's not something that's at the forefront of his mind, he tells Stephanie on the podcast.

'Honestly it’s really not something I’ve given a lot of thought to,' Michael says.

'You know, I’m still trying to get over the Katie relationship. It’s one of those things where when I started this, I really didn’t pursue it out. [Producers of the show] reached out to me, and so after experiencing some of it, I don’t know, I feel like it's not that appealing to me right now.'

Listen to the full chat with Michael, including how he says franchise co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe 'threw him under the bus' at the 'Men Tell All' special, and where Katie and him were planning on living if they had gotten engaged, on the 3 Things to Know with Stephanie Haney podcast on your favorite podcast platform, at these links:

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