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'Health Yeah!': What you need to know about CBD from an industry insider

On this episode of 'Health Yeah!' with Monica Robins, an inside look at what CBD can, and cannot, do for you.

CLEVELAND — EDITOR'S NOTE: The video in the player above is from a previous story about CBD oil and your pets.

CBD is a billion-dollar industry and it's only expected to grow. It’s being sold in just about every pharmacy, grocery store and convenience stores. But what is it, what’s it for and does it get you high?

This episode of 'Health Yeah! With Monica Robins' explains everything you need to know about CBD. It features Meredith Farrow, Founder and CEO of Avon, Ohio-based company named Clean Remedies. She explains the uses of CBC, laws and misconceptions from an industry insider point of view.

Watch the latest "Health Yeah!" podcast in the player below.

In case you didn’t know, CBD is a natural essential oil extracted from the hemp plant. So that’s the first misconception. Hemp and marijuana are not the same thing.

While marijuana contains high levels of THC, the compound responsible for the sensation of “getting high,” CBD oil is derived from hemp and contains little to no THC.

CBD is one of more than a hundred cannabinoids extracted from a strain of industrial-grade hemp, which offers a host of benefits.

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Of at least 120 identified cannabinoids that exist in the hemp plant, CBD makes up about 40 percent of the extract from the hemp plant.

In this episode, you’ll learn why organic is important, as well as why you should know where your CBD comes from. You’ll also learn the various uses for CBD and what to look for on the label as well.

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