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Mom Squad: Creating a business and better lifestyle

A lot of families are looking for a better work-life balance, especially after the pandemic. That could be the reason for a boom in small businesses in Ohio.

CLEVELAND — Even though small businesses were among the hardest hit during the pandemic, the State of Ohio is seeing a boom in new businesses. The Secretary of State's office just reported a second month of record setting numbers. In May, there were 20,135 new business filings. That’s on pace with the previous month, where the State had more than 20,000 new business filings in April – the first time in Ohio history.

Some of that growth is contributed to people looking to find more flexibility with family life and work.

Cheryl Perez is a business coach and mother of six who helps guide people through setting up a thriving business. In this week's Mom Squad Pod podcast, she and Maureen Kyle talked about the steps to creating a business you love and how to make it successful.

“Make sure that you choose a business model that's going to meet the needs of your lifestyle,” says Peres, “Just like you mentioned, you know, if you're a mom and you're really looking at doing something as a side hustle and you know ‘Hey, I could probably do 10 or 15 hours a week but I needed to be flexible I needed to be from home’ then you're really probably thinking about starting an online business.”

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Perez also says don’t be afraid of competition. It’s actually a good sign.

“Oftentimes people say ‘Well I want to start a business that has no competition that no one else out there is doing.’ And I'm of the belief that you really shouldn't start that business if you don't find anybody else out there doing it. Then it doesn't mean that you're brilliant and you've come up with an amazing idea it generally means no one wants to pay for it someone else has probably tried it someone else has probably attempted it and it didn't work.”

To listen to all of Cheryl Perez’s advice for anyone looking to start up a business, you can listen to the Mom Squad Pod on any platform you get your podcasts.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The video in the player below is from a previous Mom Squad Pod podcast.


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