We've all been there.

Trapped on a first date that isn't going so well. Maybe our date won't stop talking. Maybe they don't talk at all. Maybe they look nothing like their profile photos.

Whatever the reason, you know you're wasting your time, as well as theirs'. If only there was a way you could get out of your date without hurting any feelings.

Now you can.

Comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler recently launched "Gotta Go," a mobile app that can help users escape bad dates, boring parties, or any of life's undesirable events.

All the user has to do is schedule a phone call or text to their own phone. The calls and texts are real excuses that the user can even show as "proof" for needing to leave, such as a friend's car getting towed, the dogs escaping the house or your car getting stolen.

The app, thought up by Handler and developed by Yeti, launched live in the Apple store Jan. 24.

Handler discusses its development and inspiration in her new Netflix docu-series, "Chelsea Does..."

Learn more about Gotta Go here.