A unique two-day contest at the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland could help improve Lake Erie for generations to come.

Called “Erie Hack,” it could be compared to “Shark Tank.”

“Contestants” include scientists, students and entrepreneurs from six cities in the U.S. and Canada competing for up to $100,000 in prizes.

“We asked our communities to come together and find new solutions to tackling our biggest water challenges,” said Bryan Stubbs of the Cleveland Water Alliance, which is hosting the event.

Kelly Siman’s team is from the University of Akron and found a way to detect the otherwise invisible warning signs of an algal bloom from a phone.

“You take a picture from your smart phone, you upload it to our website, and it calibrates and calculates exactly what the nitrogen and the phosphorous is,” she said.

Others are looking at everything from underwater Wi-Fi to the recycling of zebra mussel shells.

This marks the first time the contest has been held. The winner will be announced Wednesday.

Judges include serial entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman, who is also scheduled to be a key speaker.