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November Planet CLE challenge: Eat locally

It takes a toll on the environment when food is trucked or flown in from across the country, so why not explore the benefits of locally produced meals?

CLEVELAND — Every month, as part of our year-long #PlanetCLE environmental initiative, we announce a different challenge. 

The calendar now flips to November and at 3News, we want to highlight the benefits of eating locally and how we can curate a better, healthier, more vibrant community as we marvel at the beauty that lies right here along the shores of Lake Erie. 

Obviously you have heard of the terms "carnivore" and "herbivore", but what about "locavore"? It's funny to think about; however, by definition, locavores are those individuals who purposely choose a diet of locally grown and/or produced foods. Foods are considered to be local if grown within 100 miles of your home. 

Here are some interesting benefits. When you eat locally, you: 

1. Support local farms

2. Benefit the local economy 

3. Promote healthier, sustainable agriculture and green space

4. Reduce the distance that your food travels, which translates into a bigger environmental impact

5.  Consume fresher, more healthful food, which tends to be grown under higher safety standards

During our Planet CLE reports in November, we'll highlight ways you can eat locally, including showcasing farm-to-table restaurants in Northeast Ohio. We'll also explain how you can join a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture program, and receive a regular share of a local farm's produce.

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