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Kent company develops new technology to battle coronavirus

"Could be a real game changer."

KENT, Ohio — A company from Kent has development a system that could change the way public spaces are cleaned in this time of the coronavirus. And they are teaming up with NASA Glenn Research Center for testing. 

The AMBUstat fogger system was conceived out of the Ebola outbreak. Emergency Products & Research saw the need to disinfect ambulances by dispensing a sterilizing mist. Today, it is the coronavirus

“We are not sure enough about its transmission. We are actually disinfecting more frequently,” said Jason Thompson, Vice President of Tactical & Military Medical Business Development for Emergency Products & Research, Inc.

The demand was so great, the company started from scratch and developed the next generation, the AMBUstat G2, to better handle spaces of all sizes. Thompson says they will be working with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

“To actually learn more about the disinfect of patrol vehicles, because that has become extremely important,” noted Thompson.

“Could be a real game changer,” stated Dr. Marit Meyer, a research aerospace engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center.

NASA will begin testing the G2 next week.

“EP&R is interested in learning exactly how much product will get the job done so that they can keep the costs down,” said Meyer.

Goal is to use it in, classrooms and places of worship, while keeping costs low, so it’s affordable to struggling communities. AMBUstat G2 production is ramping up now, so once the NASA testing is done, it can be put to work.

“We are going to have to do a lot of cleaning we never thought of doing before,” said Meyer.

On Friday, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein showed the AMBUstat G2 to President Trump at the White House. You can see more in the video below.

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