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Speedy's Grub Shack on Cleveland's west side selling gas for 89 cents a gallon

'Cheapest in the state! Cheapest gas in USA!!'
Credit: Speedy's Grub Shack

CLEVELAND — With fewer people driving during the coronavirus pandemic and an oil price war breaking out overseas, most expected gas prices to plummet. But this low??

Speedy's Grub Shack on Cleveland's west side is currently selling gasoline for just 89 cents a gallon. To put that into perspective, the average price of gas throughout the entire country hasn't been that low since 1979, and even that was before four decades of inflation.

"Cheapest in the state! Cheapest gas in USA!!" the station proudly proclaimed on its Facebook page. Customers in the comments have been mezmorized.

"Unfortunately it's packed to the gills," Halley Destin See wrote of the station.

"I've watched this price drop since this morning," Sheena Kokal said, "It was at 97 cents at 9:50 a.m." 

"Wow 😳" was all Marlon Worthington could comprehend.

For those wishing to (try) to take advantage of this deal, the address is 13601 Lorain Avenue.

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