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Is it ever legal to pass a school bus? Danielle Wiggins breaks down school bus laws

Here's what you need to know when coming across a school bus on the roads.

It’s back to school time.

That means school buses are returning to Northeast Ohio roads during the morning and afternoon rush.

Drivers may need a refresher on Ohio law concerning when vehicles need to stop for a stopped school bus.

The answer all depends on a road’s number of lanes.

On a two-lane road, drivers traveling in both directions must stop at least 10 feet from the front or rear of the school bus picking up or dropping off passengers. Drivers must remain stopped until the bus resumes motion, or until the school bus driver signals traffic can proceed.

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On a road with four or more traffic lanes, drivers approaching a stopped bus from the opposite direction do not need to stop while passengers are entering and exiting the bus. This exception is not applicable in many other states, so check that state’s laws before commuting. Similar to a two-lane road, drivers traveling in the same direction as the bus, either behind or beside it, are required to stop on a road with four or more lanes.

Remember, Ohio law requires drivers operating a school bus on a road with four or more lanes to drop off or pick up passengers on the side of the road the passenger lives.

Violations can result in fines up to $500 and a suspended license for up to a year.

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