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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport among nation's worst for winter delays, study reveals

Hopper found that 13.1% of flights at Hopkins were disrupted by either delays or cancellations during the winter, putting CLE behind only Boston and Denver.

CLEVELAND — If you've struggled flying in and out of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport during the winter season, you're apparently not alone.

According to the travel app Hopper, Hopkins Airport ranks No. 3 in its study of the worst airports in the U.S. for travel delays and cancellations during the winter months. 

Hopper found that 13.1% of flights at Hopkins were disrupted by either delays or cancellations during the winter, putting CLE behind only Boston's Logan Airport and Denver International Airport. Here is a look at the top five:

  1. Boston Logan Airport (BOS), Boston, MA - 14.2% of flights disrupted
  2. Denver International Airport (DEN), Denver, CO - 13.6% of flights disrupted
  3. Hopkins International Airport (CLE), Cleveland, OH - 13.1% of flights disrupted
  4. Bradley International Airport (BDL), Hartford, Connecticut - 12.6% of flights disrupted
  5. Louisville International Airport-Standiford Field (SDF), Louisville, Kentucky - 12.4% of flights disrupted

The report from Hopper follows a study released by Forbes last summer that revealed that Cleveland Hopkins International Airport was among the worst in the U.S. for flight cancellations. At that time, Cleveland Hopkins Airport officials told 3News that travel woes are generally out of an airport's control.

Here was the full statement from the airport:

"Flight cancellations and delays are understandably among passengers biggest frustrations when traveling.  Cleveland Hopkins International Airport's (CLE) objective is to provide a safe and operationally sound airport for our airlines and passengers.  Flight cancellations and delays are caused by many factors, often inclement weather can be a contributing factor.  CLE does not make the decisions surrounding cancellations and delays. However, we work closely with our airline partners to ensure the most safe and efficient traveling experience possible.

CLE recommends that passengers check the status of their flight by contacting the airline directly and/or our website at www.clevelandairport.com to get the most up-to-date- information."

In addition, Hopper offered three pieces of advice if you are canceled or delayed at the airport:

1. Contact the airline/customer service - Head to the airline ticket agents’ counter ASAP. Pro tip: multi-task! Call the airline call center while you’re waiting in line.

2. Find a self-serve kiosk - Some airlines offer self-serve kiosks right in the airport. Scan your boarding pass/enter your trip details and you may be able to rebook yourself on a new flight and print a new boarding pass right from there. 

3. Make changes online or on the airline’s app - Many carriers allow you to find a new flight and rebook directly on their website or in the app.

Editor's Note: 3News' Lindsay Buckingham contributed to this story

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