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New study suggests 'JOMO' is on the rise

According to Hotels.com, people have never been so happy to be missing out.
Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images
QAQORTOQ, GREENLAND - JULY 30: Icebergs and flowers are seen near the home of potato and sheep farmer Otto Nielsen on July 30, 2013 in Qaqortoq, Greenland. Nielsen said that even though this summer has not been as warm as last year, the climate change has extended crop growing season. As cities like Miami, New York and other vulnerable spots around the world strategize about how to respond to climate change, many Greenlanders simply do what theyve always done: adapt. 'Were used to change, said Greenlander Pilu Neilsen. 'We learn to adapt to whatever comes. If all the glaciers melt, well just get more land.

After years of social media enhancing 'FOMO' -- "fear of missing out" -- everywhere, 'JOMO' is on the rise. Rather than being fearful of being on the outside looking in, people seem more content than ever to take joy in missing out -- and there's now evidence to support such claim.

According to Hotels.com (via The Star Online), 2018 brought an 18 percent increase in searches for remote destinations and off-grid travel. Additionally, searches for Greenland -- one of the coldest places on earth -- have increased by 65 percent, suggesting that it could be one of the most popular destinations for the coming year.

Last month, market research group Euromonitor International released a study identifying "JOMO" (Joy of Missing Out) as a potential major trend in 2019. In particular, Asian countries are more likely to partake in disconnecting digitally in order to enjoy some alone time.

In order to capitalize on such behavior, Hotels.com has launched a new campaign touting FOMO-friendly destinations, including the likes of Greenland. The website has also begun advertising a remote off-grid hotel in Ittoqqortoormiit in East Greenland, which possesses a population 450.

Bookings for Ittoqqortoormiit run for March 2019. Reduced rates -- Hotels.com says it will pick up the majority of the tab -- are available at checkout with the promo code "Remote."