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Summer travel trend: RV road trips

There's a lot of people who just aren't ready to get on a plane, so maybe it's time to hit the road in the comfort of your own RV or camper.

CLEVELAND — We've been cooped up for months and itching for a change of scenery. Flying and hotels are still a no-go for many of us, but there's a popular travel trend this summer that might work better for you: RVs and campers.

Budget travel and lifestyle expert, Lindsay Myers, who you may recognize from her regular segments on Access Hollywood, knows a thing or two about exploring on the road. She's the blogger behind "Get Lost With Lindsay." 

Myers says RV travel is a safer option for people not yet ready for other means of travel.

"We're not exposing ourselves by flying or driving, we're controlling our environment," she said. "It's way, way safer, and it's pretty inexpensive if you do it right."

With weeks of being indoors, folks are ready to explore.

"I think we're inside so much that we're thriving. We need the fresh air and sun and adventure and experiences."

If you're tight on cash, there are plenty of options.

"They can range from about $100 a night. Some of them, if you have a hitch, you can actually get the ones that aren't driving, and are way cheaper."

Plus, you can save some money by cooking in, and parking at campgrounds is pretty cheap when you compare it to staying in hotels.

"You guys have tons in Ohio, some really great ones I found, it's about $50 a night. I also always tell people, like, if you have the option to have a kitchen, which most RV and campers do, you're already saving so much money because you're not eating out."

And if you are looking to splurge, you can do that, too.

"They have these souped up ones though, beautiful with the kitchens," Myers said.

No matter what style you're rolling in, there's plenty of places to see and websites to help navigate your RV trip, even right here in Ohio.

"I'm obsessed with this new website called Harvest Hosts," she said. "You pay $79 for the year and then you're a member. Once we do that, they connect you with over a thousand different places across the United States. So we're talking about wineries, farms and breweries."

If these options still don't work for you and your family, get creative.

"Just do something special and make something exciting for you and your family. You could camp in your backyard, you can have movie night with a projector in your backyard, have theme nights, have a fiesta. It's just all about changing this up and being excited."

For Get Lost With Lindsay, click HERE. In the market for an RV? Click HERE. For more information on Harvest Hosts, click HERE.


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