CLEVELAND — When is the best time to buy airline tickets?  Experts tell us that it depends on when you plan to travel.

Here are three things to know to save some dough before you go!

1) Winter is the best time to book your summer airfare. According to this Washington Post article July is the top month for travel in the United States.  If your dates are flexible, keep in mind you'll find the lowest fares in August and September. 

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2) For international flights the best deals are found four to ten months ahead, according to Scott's Cheap Flights founder Scott Keyes. He says you may need to start booking up to a year ahead for special events like the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

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3) There isn't a 'cheapest day of the week' for buying airline tickets anymore.In the early days of shopping for airline tickets online Tuesday used to be a deal day. But now sales pop up at random. says you can save some money by being smart about which day you fly. For instance, if you fly on a Wednesday rather than a Sunday, you'll save on average more than $75. Mondays and Fridays are most popular for business travel, so the prices for those days are usually at a premium.

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