Twinsburg — In Twinsburg, 70 mile per hour winds caused major damage to the Amazon fulfillment center.

"Last night just before 7:00, we got a call from the Amazon facility saying they had been struck by a tornado," Chief Tim Morgan of the Twinsburg Fire Department tells us.

Fast moving winds certainly made it sound that way to people in its path. But the National Weather Service confirmed on Monday, it wasn't a tornado in Twinsburg.

The strength of the storm though ripped off part of the roof of the company’s facility.

And one employee suffered minor injuries from flying debris.

"Obviously some strong winds that apparently lifted the roof a little bit then dropped it back down, causing a tear in the roof. So there's a hole in the roof that's approximately 100 feet long," the Chief said.

The National Weather Service issued a Tornado warning out of precaution, but the storm came barreling through so fas people had very little time to prepare.

“We like to issue with as much lead time as possible. In this situation, not real strong radar signatures, not a lot of information ports coming from the field, so it's almost simultaneous," said Gary Garnet of the National Weather Service in Cleveland.

Tornado sirens in Twinsburg also went off within five minutes of the warning, but some said they didn't hear them, nor did they receive warnings on their phones.

"The sirens are designed for when people are outside and with the messages from the siren, what we try to educate people on is to go inside," said Twinsburg’s Assistant Fire Chief Steven Bosso, who is responsible for making sure the sirens go off.

As for the phone warnings.The National Weather Service says you could be just a mile away from the storm and still not get notified.

“Most people will get the warning when they’re inside a tornado warning area. However, if a cell phone tower is outside the warning area, but its broadcast area reaches inside, that would be a situation then where somebody may not get it,” Garnet told us.

Amazon tell us the building remains closed as they assess the damage and complete repairs. And we did hear from a customer who was notified their delivery would be delayed after it arrived in Twinsburg. Amazon says it will work directly with any customers who have issues.