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Dominion Energy recommends keeping your thermostat at 58 degrees while you sleep during extreme cold

The company says it could save customers up to 15% on their energy bills.

CLEVELAND — Dominion Energy has a suggestion for those who want to save money on their energy bill, but we're not sure if everyone will like it.

The company in the last week released a list of tips for surviving the bitter cold temperatures, which Ohio and several other states have been dealing with recently. Among those tips is a recommendation for thermostat settings, including the well-known figure of 68 degrees.

However, Dominion is asking customers take things a step further: When going to sleep at night, the supplier says you should lower your thermostat to 58 degrees. Experts say this helps conserve gas and could potentially aid in lowering monthly energy costs by 10-15%.

"Dominion Energy is prepared to serve our customers reliably during this upcoming period of extreme cold weather, but we also ask customers to conserve where they can do so safely," Jim Eck, vice president and general manager of Dominion's Ohio and West Virginia operations, said in a statement.

In addition, Dominion suggests lowering your hot water heater to no higher than 125 degrees to reduce the amount of fuel needed to heat the water. Residents should also clear outdoor metering equipment of snow and ice to prevent potentially hazardous situations.

Get more tips at dominionenergy.com.


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