Stay at home. That's the warning from AAA when the roads get as bad as they are on Friday night.

In fact, the National Weather Service said travel will be “very hazardous” or impossible. Cleveland Police sent out an advisory asking that drivers stay off the roadways.

But since some of you will undoubtedly have to hit the roads, I consulted with some of the experts on how to stay safe.

You may think you're the best driver in the world, but if you saw that 20 car pile-up on the Ohio Turnpike two weeks ago, you’d know a lot of people aren't. And when the roads get as treacherous as the National Weather Service has predicted, the number one tip to stay alive when you drive is to:

-Slow your roll and don't tailgate.

Keep at least 5-seconds distance between you and the vehicle in front of you so you have plenty of time to stop.

Here are some more tips for you:

-Don't accelerate or brake quickly. This could cause you to lose control.

Instead, "Plan your maneuvers way in advance. And do one thing at a time. Brake, turn and then accelerate," says William E. Van Tassel, Manager of the Driver Training program at AAA.

-Steer into a skid.

If you start to slide on a patch of ice, don't overcorrect your steering. Steer into it. Also, take your foot off the gas and don’t hit the brakes even though that's likely your first instinct. It makes it harder to regain control of your car.

If you're driving and "have" to brake, “keep the heel of your foot on the floor, and use the ball of your foot to brake very gently, squeezing the petal slowly," according to Van Tassel.

If you have anti-lock brakes, push down on the petal and keep it there.

-Avoid Cruise Control

Finally never use cruise control on slippery roads. AAA says you should always be in full control of your vehicle in poor road conditions. Because the only thing worse than finding yourself spun out on the side of the road, is not making it home at all.