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First snow of the winter season leaves snowbelt blanketed white; ODOT reminds drivers to stay prepared, vigilant on the roads

Alerts and low temperatures will continue through early Saturday morning.

CLEVELAND — Cold temperatures lingering after snow whipped through parts of Northeast Ohio on Friday will keep the roads slick into Saturday morning.

It was the first good snow the snowbelt has seen this winter, leaving Geauga, Lake, Ashtabula and parts of Cuyahoga County blanketed in white.

“We’re just seeing the traditional lake effect out in Geauga, Lake, Mentor areas,” Brent Kovacs with the Ohio Department of Transportation said.

The work for snowplows carried throughout the whole day Friday. “Crews are out in their full capacity. We still have over 60 crews out on the road,” Kovacs said.

While the snow will stop, what’s going to stay around are freezing temperatures, which means what’s next is ice. ODOT snowplows crews will change shifts starting at 10 p.m. and work through the morning to patrol roads, according to Kovacs.

“We are continuing to use beat heat mixed without salt brine to make sure that salt stays,” Kovacs said.

Dangerous conditions on the roads reduced speeds for drivers and caused some accidents to sprawl multiple lanes.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported 14,724 thousand crashes due to snow, ice or slush last winter.

So while crews work, prepare now.

“As long as they’re calling for lake effect we’re just going to be going out there,” Kovacs said.

Remember this winter season that before you hit the roads to clear any snow from the front of your car, scrape the ice off your windshield. and be sure to wipe your headlights and tail lights.

Some things you always want to make sure are in the back of your trunk in case you ever get stranded include:

  • Blankets
  • Cell phone charger
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Food
  • Jumper cables
  • Shovel
  • Warming devices

"Please, go slow. Remind yourself how to drive in the snow,” Kovacs said. "Above all, if you don't have to be on the roads don't be out.”

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