Cool air flowing over Lake Erie will still stir up some sprinkles for Monday.

Average highs this time of year hover right around 60. While that doesn't indicate where temperatures "should be", it is a mathematical average of what type of temperatures we can usually expect at this point in the year.

So, we'll be below average. And it looks like we'll stay below average for the next week.

TONIGHT| Mostly cloudy, scattered lake showers and sprinkles linger. | Upper 30s inland/ 40s lakeside

WEDNESDAY | Mostly cloudy and cooler. Sprinkles. | Mid/upper 40s

THURSDAY | Partly sunny and cool. | Upper 40s/50

FRIDAY | Partly to mostly cloudy. Late rain chances. | Low/mid 50s

SATURDAY | Rain showers likely. Cloudy and breezy otherwise. | Around 50 or so

SUNDAY | Mostly cloudy with rain possible. | Upper 40s

MONDAY | Mostly cloudy with scattered rain possible. | Mid 40s

TUESDAY| Mostly cloudy with linger shower chances. | Mid 40s

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