Buckle up! We're in store some noticeable weather this afternoon into the evening as a potent cold front brings rain, gusty winds, and much colder air which will eventually change our rain over to a rain and snow mix by late evening!

We'll start our Saturday on a cloudy note with rather comfortable temps in the 50s. A line of showers and perhaps a few rumbles of thunder will move across the lake from northwest to southeast bringing sharply colder temps, gusty winds, and a changeover from rain to rain/snow.

As cold air continues to spill across the lake, we'll begin the lake effect rain which will change over to snow for many locations east of Cleveland.

Keep in mind, this won't be crazy snow. The snowflakes may accumulate in the higher terrain areas east of Cleveland, but it won't last terribly long. Elevated surfaces (decks, porches, steps, mulch) will hold the most accumulation for the longest time. Lakeshore areas (and those within a few miles of the Lake) will stay with rain. You're going to have to be inland and at higher elevation to have the snow.

The other 80 percent of Northeast Ohio will have ZERO chance of snow accumulation, but a lot of us will stand a chance to at least *see* snow. Not pretty snowflakes, oh no ... gross mixed kind of stuff.

Take it all in while you can because in true Northeast Ohio fashion it'll be change for next week, which is looking quite seasonable with sunny skies and highs back into the 50s.

SATURDAY | Mainly cloudy with rain developing. Temps drop sharply later in the day with rain changing to a mix of rain and snow. Windy. Some snow accumulation Saturday night in the high terrain snowbelt east of Cleveland. | Mid 50s early falling into 40s most of the day... 30s by evening

SUNDAY | Early lake effect showers east (some snow mix then rain). Clearing for afternoon. Cool. | Mid 40s

MONDAY | Mostly sunny. | Mid 50s

TUESDAY | Partly cloudy. | Mid 50s

WEDNESDAY | Partly cloudy. | Around 50

THURSDAY | Partly cloudy. | Low 50s

FRIDAY | Partly cloudy. | Mid 50s

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