Plan on a warm day with highs into the 80s this afternoon.

Although the rest of your work and school week will be warm and summery, a big cool down is coming this weekend. It's perfect timing with the start of Autumn late Saturday!

Have a great day!

TODAY | Areas of dense for many of you, **DENSE FOG ADVISORY** this morning, otherwise partial clearing. Warm! | Low/Mid 80s

WEDNESDAY | Partly cloudy, stray shower or storm. | Upper 70s

THURSDAY | Heating up! Partly sunny, stray shower or storm. | Mid 80s

FRIDAY | Partly to mostly cloudy with rain and storm chances likely. | Low 80s

SATURDAY | Autumn arriver 9:54pm! Laftover shower, variable cloudiness, breezy, and so much cooler. | Mid 60s

SUNDAY | Clouds and sun. | Near 70

MONDAY | Partly cloudy. Seasonable. | Mid 70s

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