CLEVELAND - The first month of Fall in northeast Ohio turned out to be much warmer and wetter than normal this year.

The National Weather Service says temperatures at the official reporting site of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport were almost two degrees warmer than normal last month due to several days of near 80 degree weather early in the month.

This put October's mean average temperature (the average of the daily high and low) at 55.6 degrees, or 1.8 degrees above average. October was only the 4th month in 2013 where temperatures exceeded expectations based on a 30 year average from 1980 to 2001. The rest of the year has seen average to below average temperatures.

In the rain gauge, Cleveland Hopkins measured 4.70 inches of water (rain and melted snow), or 1.63 inches more than normal. This means Cleveland has now accumulated 34.87 inches of water, or 2.45 inches more than normal. But, this year is almost five inches drier than the drenching rain totals of October 2012 when Super Storm Sandy soared our totals to 39.93 inches of rain by October 31st.

While most areas across the eastern portions of northeast Ohio saw their first snowfall in October, Cleveland Hopkins reported only a trace of snow on October 23rd, 24th and 25th. The last measurable snow of .1 inches occurred on April 20th, leaving Cleveland to yet have its first official snow for the 2013-2014 winter season.

Here is a look at how major reporting cities fared in comparison from normal in October 2013 including departure from normal temperatures, liquid water and snow:

  • Cleveland: 55.6 degrees (+1.8), 4.70" water (+1.63"), Trace snow (-.2")
  • Akron: 54.4 degrees (+2.7), 5.29" of water (+2.46"), Trace snow (-.4")
  • Mansfield: 53.7 degrees (+2.0), 4.97" of water (+2.03"), Trace snow (-.5")
  • Youngstown: 53.5 degrees (+2.5), 3.10" of water (+.33"), 1.2" snow (+.4")
  • Toledo: 52.9 degrees (+.6), 3.65" of water (+1.05"), 0.0" snow (-.2")