The winter normally keeps people in their homes, bundled up and warm but there are some who look forward to this weather.

"This year we got real lucky,” Dave Farr, skier, said. we got snow early."

If you're at Brandywine Ski Resort, it's the perfect time to embrace your crazy.

"We probably are crazy,” Dan Castele, skier, said. "What's even crazier is we brought our ski club out with us."

He's not just talking about any brave souls, it's 120 kids skiing in Friday's freezing temperatures and covered from head to toe!

"Schools was cancelled, but ski club never gets cancelled,” Castele said.

For skiers, this weather isn't just expected, it's wanted.

Thomas Conti, public relations manager at Brandywine, said they've been waiting for this for months.

"Believe it or not, in the middle of June and July when it's 90 degrees, we're daydreaming of snowstorms and cold temperatures,” Conti said.

Well, it's finally here!


While it may be too cold for kids to be in school this week, it's just right for them to try out their skills in the snow, just ask Natalie Dugan.

"Everybody was like 'oh my gosh you're nuts for going outside' but you just have to take advantage of the days that we are able to get here,” Dugan, Rocky River high schooler, said.

"We typically bring around a quarter of a million skiers and snowboarders through our resorts every year,” Conti said.

That's a lot of people and a lot of optimism to get them through the coldest days of the year.

"I love it!” Farr said. “If you have to have winter, you only got two things: you can either have dead trees and brown grass or you can have awesome looking snow and a good time."

Between Akron and Cleveland, it's the largest demographic of skiers and snowboarders in the country and you can tell that by looking at our slopes.

"This is a little cold, we get it, but the snow conditions are the best,” Castele said.

"Skiing, after all, is a winter sport,” Craig Griebel, skier, said.

Brandywine Ski Resort won't close until Mother Nature says so, so you can enjoy the slopes as long as the weather permits.