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Another way you can help the Bahamas: Go there

The country's top officials stress tourism is necessary for reconstruction to happen after Hurricane Dorian.

TAMPA, Fla. — Abaco and Grand Bahama islands are dealing with so much devastation after Hurricane Dorian.

Resorts and hotels on these islands are closed and will be for some time, but Dorian did not affect the many tourist destinations in most of the southern islands, according to AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins.

As strange as it sounds, the Bahamas needs tourists to book vacations and spend their cash as quickly as possible. According to CNN, tourism accounts for a whopping 60 percent of the country's economy. 

That's about $5.4 billion dollars a year. 

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The country is relying on money from tourists to fund its massive rebuilding program. Jenkins says of the 700 southern islands, there are many you can still visit. 

Ellison Thompson, the deputy director general of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, told the Orlando Sentinel vistors must keep coming for reconstruction to happen.

"Right now, Nassau is open for business, so if you plan on going to the Bahamas that I think is the number one destination for travelers," Jenkins said. "You can go there, you can still book a cruise to the Bahamas.

"The great thing about cruising is if there is an island that's impacted the cruise line will just move on to the next one."

He says this is an important time of year to have travel insurance, since it is hurricane season.

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Another way to help, is simply by donating. We've compiled a list of places accepting donations for Hurricane Dorian victims.

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