CLEVELAND -- The National Weather Service is investigating Sunday’s storm damage to determine how many tornadoes impacted the area.

As of Monday evening, the Weather Service confirms eight tornadoes within the Cleveland forecast area (including northern Ohio and western PA).

These include:

*Tornado confirmed in Ashland County Ohio (Nov 5th) 1 N Hayesville. Max intensity unknown pending survey information.

*Tornado confirmed in Crawford County Ohio (Nov 5th) near Galion. Max intensity EF1 (86mph-110mph)

*Tornado confirmed in Erie County Ohio 1 ESE Bloomingville (Nov 5th) Max intensity EF1 100 mph.

*Tornado confirmed in Sandusky County OH 4 WSW Castalia. EF1 intensity with max winds 100 mph.

*Tornado confirmed just south of Wooster in Wayne County.

*Tornado confirmed in West Lodi in Seneca County. EF1 with winds of up to 105 mph.

*Tornado confirmed 5 miles NNE in Republic in Seneca County. EF2 with winds up to 110 mph.

*Tornado confirmed in Erie County PA.

The Weather Service also says a macroburst hit Williamsfield in Ashtabula County with winds up to 125 mph.


WKYC met with the NWS Monday afternoon:

“More analysis and storm surveys will be done today,” the National Weather Service posted on their Cleveland Twitter account Monday morning. “If you have photos, pass them on. Please include the address. We are especially interested in structural damage.”

You can submit your photos to the National Weather Service on Twitter @NWSCLE or Facebook.

Thousands of people lost power as Sunday’s storms swept through, forcing multiple schools to close Monday.

Twinsburg sustained heavy damage with a 30,000 volt power line knocked down.