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Turn around, don't drown! Norfolk to see tidal flooding over the next few days

Be careful! The rising water could cause some serious traffic problems in the next few days.

NORFOLK, Va. — You’re going to need to watch where you’re driving in Norfolk over the next few days. 

Wind and offshore storms are pushing water onto the roads and flooding the streets. That's exactly what happened when water from The Hague ran through the streets near the Chrysler Museum of Art. As the tide came in, the water got higher.

Ducks were swimming down the street and if you looked carefully, you could even spot some fish on Grace Street.

Devonta Drum came upon this scene on his afternoon run. He said he’s lived in the Ghent area of Norfolk for the last three years and he’s never seen the water like this.

"We have a natural disaster going on right here. This is my normal routine. I cross by here every day," Drum said.

Donald Beale said he’s lived in the area for more than six years and this isn’t the worst flooding he’s ever seen, but he still likes to come check it out.

"We drove just to take a look at it! I wanted to see it," said Beale.

According to Jim Redick, the director of Norfolk Emergency Preparedness and Response, the city could see flooding through Tuesday, even during low tide.

Redick said to expect flooding in the usual spots like The Hague, Tidewater Drive and Ocean View.

Credit: Sarah Hammond

Tom Dixon said he lives nearby, so they have to prepare for this kind of thing as homeowners. He said this isn't the first time he’s seen flooding like this and it won’t be the last.

"You’ll have people that’ll come down with battery-powered sailboats and so sometimes you’ll see some of that in the arch when we get some bad flooding or some tidal flooding down here, but that’s always kind of fun to watch," Dixon said.

Credit: Sarah Hammond

The rising water could cause some serious traffic problems in the next few days. The Brambleton parking lot and York Street parking garage are open to anyone who needs to move their vehicle to higher ground.

Remember, if you can’t see the road, it’s best to just turn around.

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