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Severe weather: Storm damage across Alabama

Severe storms are causing damage and flooding across Alabama. The neighborhood of Eagle Point saw heavy damage.

ALABAMA, USA — Damage reports are coming in from across Alabama:

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Even if you didn't experience any aftermath from last week's storms, that doesn't mean you won't be impacted this time. Nail down your emergency plan now.

Huntsville Madison County Rescue Squad Director David Young said, "I'm sure tomorrow everybody is going to commute to work in the morning. There will probably be no issues, some rain, but by tomorrow afternoon the people that come home after four and five o'clock, they could be potentially facing some flash flood conditions."

Along with the threat of damaging winds and tornadoes, flooding is something that should be top of mind.

More than half the deaths from flooding each year happen in cars. Just last week, rescue teams had to make several water rescues in Morgan County due to flooding.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Mike Swafford said, "Us, but more importantly the rescue squad, had about six water rescues which are treacherous every time they have to do that because the person is in danger as well as the rescuers.”

Remember to turn around, don't drown. Just twelve inches of water is enough to sweep a vehicle away. If you do find yourself sinking, Young says it could be thirty minutes before rescue teams can get to you.

"It will take some time to get first responders there whether it be in the county, the city,” said Young. “Every fire truck in this county is not a water team, so to get the appropriate equipment and manpower there, it's going to take a few minutes."

Water can continue to rise days after heavy rainfall. No matter how shallow the water looks, do not drive around barricades.

Flooded roads are much harder to see at night. If you must get out after a storm, know what areas are prone to flooding and avoid them.

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