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Day 3 of snow cleanup has many Northeast Ohioans frustrated

As roads clear up, neighbors are helping neighbors who have trouble digging out.

CLEVELAND — St. Ignatius High School staff used their partial-snow day to help out members of their community, shoveling driveways and walkways for the elderly and disabled. 

"Today we have examples of neighbors calling Ignatius High School, or councilman's office called us once today too, so we're just helping where we can," John Gill with St. Ignatius said.

As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, this is where Cleveland sits with cleanup: All roads should have been passed through with a plow at least once and half of the roads have been plowed through twice. 

City crews are applying salt as well. The big focus is getting to spots where people have moved their cars but snow piles remain.

"What we're trying to accomplish granted that there aren't any obstacles in the way is push back all the snow to the curbs," said Chief Operating Officer Bonnie Teeuwen said.

In Akron, crews finished up their first sweep around noon. 

They are also doing a second pass-through and say all streets are open and passable as 52 trucks continue to further clear intersections and places plows couldn't get to due to parked cars.

So, the spots that remain untouched are just the places Gill and fellow St. Ignatius educators are encouraging others to help clear out the driveway and walkways of older or disabled neighbors.

"I guess we want to make snow one less reason to get out to doctor's appointments, whatever they have to do these next couple of days," Gill said. 


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