CLEVELAND — Perhaps the most noticeable part of this past winter season in Northeast Ohio was the lack of snow! If you’re a fan of skiing, sledding or snowmobiling, you probably asked yourself more than once, where’s the snow?!

For the winter season (through 3/19/20), the snowfall deficits around Ohio were impressive:

Normal snowfall: Cleveland - 60.4, Akron/Canton - 42.0, Mansfield - 43.3

Measured snowfall: Cleveland - 30.1, Akron/Canton - 27.2, Mansfield - 16.8

Snowfall deficits: Cleveland - (-30.3), Akron/Canton - (-14.8), Mansfield - (-26.5)

Cleveland certainly led the pack (or lack there of a snow pack) with a deficit of over 30” of snow for the entire winter season.

Focusing on Cleveland’s huge snowfall deficit, there’s a number of reasons that could have contributed to it. If you remember back to December 2019, it was a warm month. In fact, the warmest day in December was surprisingly – the day AFTER Christmas on December 26 when temperatures rocketed to 66 degrees. Typically in December, we see about 9 days where high temperatures are below freezing (32 degrees). In December 2019, we only saw 3 days during the entire month where highs were below freezing. The average high temperature for the month of December is usually 38.3 degrees. In December 2019, our average high temperature was a warm 45.2 degrees!

Looking into January, the same holds true. It was unusually warm. We soared to 70 degrees on January 11th – only 3 degrees shy of tying our all-time record high ever for the month of January set back on January 25, 1950 of 73 degrees. Our average high for January 2020 was 42.5 degrees…when during a normal January it should have only been 34.4 degrees. Meaning that average high temperatures during the month of January ran over 8 degrees above normal.

February was much the same…only a little more “normal”. Though we topped out temperature-wise at 62 degrees on both February 3rd & 4th, our average high temperature was 39.9 degrees which was only 2.4 degrees warmer than our normal average high of 37.5 for the month.

Though we’re only half way through the month of March, looking at the numbers up to this point, we’re been running well above normal in the temperature department. We’ve already jumped into the 60s on 4 separate days with our average high temperature up to this point at 51.6 degrees.

According to the Climate Prediction Center’s 3 month outlook, in Northeast Ohio, we’re trending toward a: Warmer & Wetter than normal April, May and June.

With that being said, this is Northeast Ohio and things can change very quickly, so stay tuned!

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