During the last 24 hours, many of you may have noticed at particular spot in the Atlantic Ocean that is caught right in the middle of Hurricane Florence.

Many news stations (including WKYC) have been streaming live from what is known as the "Frying Pan Tower" roughly 30 miles off the coast of North Carolina. The most striking image is perhaps that of an American flag, tattered and worn in the strong winds.

But what some may be surprised to know is that the Frying Pan Tower was once a Coast Guard Station that his since been turned into "a unique adventure bed & breakfast like no other!" The location was abandoned before being purchased by Richard Neal in 2010, and now gives guests an odd but intriguing experience at sea.

What's more, people can now even own a part of the Frying Pan if they wish. It would "only" cost roughly $25,000 a share.

Currently, the Frying Pan sits vacant due to the danger of Florence, with only the live stream camera showing any sign of civilization. Once conditions die down, the American flag will also be replaced, as it has been several times following hurricanes in the past.