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Next generation of armyworms: What Ohio State researchers are looking for

“Ohio fall armyworms” could be the next round to impact our yards.
Credit: David Shetlar

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Scientists and researchers at Ohio State University Extension have been studying the arrival of the fall armyworm since they arrived late this summer.

This first generation of fall armyworms has been causing problems for farmers, lawn owners and even scientists.

They believe that when they first arrived with a weather system a few months ago, they went through their many stages of life, destroying yards along the way.

Now, some researchers believe that a new “Ohio generation” of fall armyworms may be impacting yards.

Joe Boggs, a Buckeye Environmental Horticulture Team member, has been studying these caterpillars for years and claims that this outbreak is a 40-year event. 

We now have new moths laying eggs but for the current crop of eggs to hatch and become caterpillars, we need to see how our temperatures impact them," Boggs said.

Credit: David Shetlar

According to recent research, a stretch of cooler weather or even frost should bring an end to these pests. 

"We have been well above normal, the question is will this trend continue," Boggs said.

Credit: James Morris

The main takeaway that scientists like Boggs want to get across is that if you have not been impacted by fall armyworms, it’s likely that you won’t with this “new generation.” 

You can use common insecticides but you could also be harming other insects that are protecting your lawn from other critters.

For more information on this latest generation of fall armyworms, you can find that here.

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