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3 life hacks to help you beat the freeze this winter

There's nothing you can do to change the temperatures outside, but you can try a few of these tricks to stay warm.

CLEVELAND — It's cold. OK, it's very cold in Northeast Ohio and other parts of the country right now as Mother Nature unleashes brutally cold temperatures. But not to fear: There are several tried-and-true tips to help you through these freezing temperatures.


Your car door is frozen

Uh oh. Temperatures are in the single digits and your car door won't open! No problem: Get a pitcher of warm water to thaw it out, or melt away the ice. Note: Do not use boiling water! It could shatter your windshield.

Hand warmers in your pockets

Here's a pro-tip I should have tried months ago: Hand warmers in your pockets. Yes, it's that simple. If you have to be outside, these guys are lifesavers.

Run ceiling fan on low during winter

I'm sure you've heard "what goes up, must come down," right? Well, it's the same with warm air. Try running your ceiling fan on the lowest setting. As the air rises, the fan will push it back down to warm a room evenly.

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