CLEVELAND -- Josh Mandel has received the endorsement of the Cleveland police union in his race for 2018 Senate against Sherrod Brown.

"Mandel earned the endorsement for his strong pro-police stances ensuring that our police officers, who put themselves in harm's way every day to protect the citizens, can do their jobs and enforce the rule of law," according to a press release.

Mandel was in Cleveland to accept the endorsement on Tuesday.

"Police officers have a tough enough job as it is, and now it is time for the media and politicians to stop using police as punching bags," Mandel said in a statement. "It's time the men and women in blue get the respect they deserve."

Steve Loomis, Cleveland's police union president released the following statement:

"Sherrod Brown is stale. He has been in Washington for decades and has done nothing for police. Sherrod Brown's 24 years in Washington have made him so radical he has left behind those who know him best. While Josh Mandel supports police and gives police the benefit of the doubt, Sherrod Brown has been advancing the false narrative that police are the bad guys. Josh Mandel recognizes that police are the good guys and that's why the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association is proud to endorse him."

Mandel's endorsement comes after attorney Subodh Chandra and Tamir Rice's mother requested Cleveland mayoral candidate Zack Reed reject his support from the police union. "It is clear that an endorsement of lawlessness, lack of police accountability, a corrupt approach to governing and the white nationalism represented by Donald Trump."