It’s National Cheeseburger Day and if you want to celebrate at Michael Symon’s restaurant, B Spot, you can do it without even eating meat.

On Monday, the Impossible Burger was introduced to locations in the Midwest.

Chef Jaime Gonzalez gave us a look at the plant-based meat alternative.

"It has wheat protein, it's a got a little bit of soy, it's got potatoes in it, it also has some coconut oil in it,” Gonzalez said.

No meat, but still in a four ounce patty.

In fact, if you put it side by side with real meat, it’s hard to tell the difference.

"It would pass for meat,” Lauren Tews, customer and meat eater, said. "It's actually really good, it's got like a beef flavoring to it."

That meat taste is a compound called heme.

"It's in every living thing and it's also found in plants,” Gonzalez said. “It's what gives it that awesome meaty taste."

Whether it’s a trend or a lifestyle, the curiosity seems to be bringing people through the doors.

"It's not bad,” another customer said. “I think I'd still like a regular burger but it's definitely worth it."

Now, there are some skeptics who have pride in their meat-centric love for food or some who say a burger should come purely from meat, but General Manager Kelly Underation said it’s introducing a different crowd to a new product.

"We're so proud to offer such a great product as an alternative to what we normally offer,” Underation said.

Did we mention they’re also helping to save the planet too?

"It takes less to produce this burger than it does to produce a beef burger so we are backing off on our carbon footprint,” Underation said.

The Impossible Burger comes with grilled onions, mayonnaise, pickles and cheese on a brioche bun. Gluten free buns are available upon request.