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FORECAST: Change is coming

Tired of the heat? Oh-so-over the humidity? It's all about to change.

CLEVELAND — Change doesn't come easy here in Northeast Ohio.

Whether we are going from hot to cold, cold to hot, wet to dry or dry to wet, we always end up having some kind of consequence with change.

It's just the way the atmosphere works.  Change is energy.  Some times of the year the energy is abundant, other times it really isn't so much of a big deal.

In our case today it's a pretty big deal.

Scattered storms will continue rumbling through Northeast Ohio through the rest of the evening before we clear out.

And why are we clearing out?

Cooler, drier and oh-so-much-more-comfortable air is coming in.

Heat lovers don't get down.  A change back to summer sizzle is in the forecast!  After all it isn't even summer .. yet.

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►EXTENDED FORECAST | 7-day outlook

TONIGHT: Evening storms move our, clearing skies overnight.  Mid 50s

SATURDAY: Few morning clouds, then sunshine. Mid/upper 60s (cooler lakeside)

SUNDAY: Sunny skies. MId 60s (However, it will be cooler near the lakeshore, warmer farther south)

MONDAY:  Sunny skies and pleasant. Around 70

TUESDAY: Partly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms. Mid 70s

WEDNESDAY:  Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Upper 70s

THURSDAY:  Partly cloudy to mostly sunny. Upper 70s

FRIDAY:  Sunny.  Around 80

(It gets warmer after this.....)


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