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FORECAST | Gorgeous weekend ahead with lots of sunshine and warmer temps

Days of sunshine and above-average temps for now...

CLEVELAND — Early autumn is just so awesome here in Northern Ohio. Well, most of the time. At least that's how we like to remember it.

Average high temperatures this time of the year are in the low 70s. A month from now they'll be in the 50s. And we won't talk about what comes after that.

The best part of all of it is that we get to hang on to whatever summer leaves behind for a short time before winter starts to barge in. Some years we aren't so lucky, but a lot of the time we're treated to nice stretches of dry warmth.

And here comes that stretch.

Sunny skies, low humidity and a warm feel to the air. 


Corn mazes, pumpkins and iced coffee, oh my!

So what happens after the next five days?  Well, October is going to ... October. Looks like our first taste of real fall air will flow in for next weekend. That'll mean clouds and showers and sweaters. Real pumpkin spice kinda stuff.

SATURDAY: Sunshine with a few clouds. Warmer. Mid 70s

SUNDAY: Wall-to-wall sunshine. Upper 70s

MONDAY:  Still sunny!  Near 80°

TUESDAY:  Sunshine continues! Low 80s.

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