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WKYC News & Weather

Get the latest local news and weather for the Cleveland area with WKYC's mobile apps.
  • Local news for the Cleveland area
  • Weather conditions and alerts
  • Robust full screen video
  • and more.

WKYC Weather Radar App

Get the latest weather information and weather headlines free, in a format designed for your mobile device.

WKYC Sports App

WKYC's Unleashed is the first app just for Cleveland sports fans! News, stats, scores and more on your favorite teams!.

WKYC on Roku

Channel 3 News is available on Roku. Our Roku Channel features live video as well as the latest news, sports and featured videos from our newscasts.

Apps Help

  • Phone our newsdesk: 216-344-3300
  • Email our App coordinator Mac Mahaffee: mmahaffee@wkyc.com
Be sure to tell us in your email or when you contact us what device you are using (iPhone 4, Motorola Droid X, Samsung Intercept, etc.) and what version (Android 2.2, Android 2.3, iOS 4.2, etc.).