New movie Suburbicon pairs together Matt Damon and Julianne Moore as seemingly happy suburbanites harboring a despicable secret.

Set in the late 1950's, Damon plays a middle-aged working father with a double life. Moore plays his wife - and her twin sister.

“I guess it's an ago thing,” she said, laughing. “Every actor likes to have as many parts as they can get.”

Director George Clooney calls Damon’s character a "buffoon” – a despicable but inept criminal.

"In every scene, he tried to assert control over the scene and he just couldn't,” Damon said. “He would say, 'Here's how this is going to go,' then he'd get punched in the face."

But underlying the dark humor is a very serious subject. As the white family commits unspeakable acts in their home, the rest of their neighbors are busy tormenting the only black family living in the master-planned community. In an effort to run them out of town, the neighbors build fences, surround the home, and eventually begin rioting.

The movie was filmed during the presidential campaign and election.

"It's touching on race in America, it was a pretty safe bet that we'd still be dealing with that a year down the road,” Damon said. “It's something that we haven't come to terms with in 250 years.”

Suburbicon is rated R and is now playing.