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Dave Mortach - Annuities 101

Dave Mortach returns to the show to give us a lesson on annuities!

We welcomed back Dave Mortach, President of Mortach Financial, host of the popular radio show, “Retirement Wealth Planning” AND our favorite expert on everything annuities! After 20 years in business it’s safe to say Dave has become our favorite expert on annuities! And today we soaked in all his knowledge with a round of Annuities ‘101’.

Below are questions Alexa had for Dave:
Let’s start with the basics – first up is ‘Safety’?
And then we have ‘Growth’, right?
Ok, now we’ve got the foundation. How do we use these products?
What’s the first way?
And the second way?
Let’s keep going… tell us about probate?
How about one final tip – give us the reason why these really are the best safe products out there?
Before we let you go, we’ve got to check in – do you still have that A+ rating at the BBB?

Have any more questions on annuities? Let us know through our social media, ‘Live on Lakeside’.

For more information:

877-GAINS-4-U | MortachFinancial.com