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Ivan Schwarz- The Greater Cleveland Film Commission’s 2019 Lineup

The President of The Greater Cleveland Film Commission previews everything they have going on in 2019!

The Greater Cleveland Film Commission has so much planned this new year- and it’s hardly even halfway through January! President of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, Ivan Schwarz, sat down with Hollie & Alexa to discuss everything from film education to bringing the film industry to Cleveland.

Here’s what Hollie & Alexa asked Ivan:

  1. So tell me about the collaboration the Film Commission has with FilmSkills.com

  2. What are students going to gain from this online course that they might not get elsewhere?

  3. And I know you have an intensive film crew training workshops happening?

  4.  What will students learn there? And who are some of the teachers?

  5. And does the film commission have a partnership with Cleveland State University?

  6. And I know you’re really pushing to bring more film to Cleveland; tell me about the tax incentive you’re working towards?

  7. What kind of movies have been filmed in Cleveland, and what kind of movies would the tax incentive bring in?

  8. What would getting this tax incentive do for Cleveland?

What movies do you think have been filmed in Cleveland? What movies would you like to see filmed in Cleveland in the future? Tweet us @LIVEONLakeside or find us on Facebook at LIVE on Lakeside and let us know!

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