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Kathy Dawson - Seasons Of A Relationship

All relationships go through difficult times and today a relationship coach was on the show to explain the seasons of a relationship!

Spring, summer, winter and fall – there's something special about every season – yes, even winter! But did you know our relationships also have different seasons? Relationship Coach Kathy Dawson was here with a relationship forecast!

Below are the questions Alexa & Michael asked:

1. We’re heading into fall – but that’s probably not the first season of a relationship! So what are the different seasons of a relationship?

2. Do they always go in order?

3. If you’re in a “cold” season, what should you do to warm things back up?

4. Do you ever get back to feeling that “new” feeling?

Find us on social media, ‘Live on Lakeside’, and let us know if Kathy has given you some helpful tips for your relationship!


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