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Latasha Spencer - Avery Dennison’s Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

The Avery Dennison Culture: The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion as an opportunity for organizations to build culture, foster participation and a sense of belonging.

Avery Dennison is a label and packaging material manufacturer based in Mentor, Ohio and they believe that one gains strength from diverse ideas and teams. At Avery Dennison, their motto is to: Be Different. Be You. Alexa and Michael were joined today by Avery Dennison’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Latasha Spencer, who shared more about Avery Dennison’s motto and how it influences their culture.

Here are the questions Michael & Alexa asked Latasha: 
Latasha could you tell us about yourself?
What are you and Avery Dennison doing differently to attract a diverse talent pool?
What does it mean to Avery Dennison to be “inclusive”?
Why is this so important for recruiting and retention of today’s workforce?
How does an organization like Avery Dennison make Diversity and Inclusion a focus and a priority?

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